Benefits of cooperation with Ekonip

Reduction of the logistic costs

Thanks to the application of the specialized QGUAR WMS system, we enjoy an invaluable tool supporting all storage processes and effecting in much more efficient and quick handling of the Customers.

The very fact of improving productiveness, i.e. ability to handle many more events at one time, as compared to working without such a tool, provides measurable economic benefits, also translating into reduced costs incurred by our Customers.

The introduction of the state-of-the-art system supporting our warehouse operations enabled us to:

  • minimize the potential human mistakes,
  • guarantee more accurate releases of goods,
  • eliminate returns resulting from mistakes,
  • optimize the course of the operation.

It allowed us to identify additional cost reduction areas in the storage process.

Clear processes and resources

Implementation of warehouse processes, which control all operations, enforces the defined and constant work procedures, resulting in ordering of the entire operation of the logistic unit.

Ekonip is gathering detailed data on the storage area dimensions, viewed physically, and the dimensions of the articles. Such a “view” provides the procedures and algorithms with enough data to optimize the individual processes of the logistic chain. Such a clearer system makes it much easier to support the Customer in a better manner and leaves time for innovation.

Work monitoring

All work stages in the warehouse are accurately controlled, allowing both for ongoing tracking and the review of historical activities. Additional analyses and reports enable easier conclusions and further improvements of the work methods.

Modern technologies

Our company offers services allowing for automatic article identification with the use of barcodes, even in advanced standards, such as GS1 (EAN/UCC). The support for RF terminals built into the system allows the users to select the method of work in the warehouse freely without changes in the system. The operating logic supplied with the software also represents a series of the latest achievements in streamlining the logistic processes.

Cooperation with external systems

QGUAR WMS as a system of strong industry specialization by default provides an interface for data exchange with other systems used by the Customers, e.g. ERP class solutions. The interface offered in QGUAR WMS PRO system is based on data exchange with external files, also accessible for the Customer’s administrator. He/she can decide where and in what form the data from the system will be exported.