About the company

Ekonip Sp. z o.o. has been operating since 1997. From the very beginning, it offers services in the scope of storage, transport and domestic forwarding of the entrusted goods. The intensive development of the company enabled us to extend the package of logistic services, so as to satisfy even the highest demands of the Customers and to meet the latest legal requirements.
Our range of services includes full support in the scope of:

The warehouse is adapted for storing goods in different safety zones. The basic storage parameters, i.e. temperature or humidity, are controlled by the system on a permanent basis.

Our company has all the required permits and authorizations for storage and transport of goods, and our vehicles are adapted for transport of dangerous products. Furthermore, we set our office facilities together with a conference room at the disposal of our Customers.

In 2006, our already rich package of services was expanded with collection of packaging materials from customers – including the environmentally dangerous packaging materials of the N type. Throughout the entire history, we have built a firm and strong position on the market, confirmed by the trust of our customers, including multiple renowned international companies, among others, a global leader in professional hygiene maintenance.

After the warehouse expansion in 2007 and 2013 and the rollout of the latest fire protection systems, our storage facility offers not only the new pallet spaces, but also the full system of security measures – guaranteeing the highest standard of handling the goods stored at our company.

We set a team of dynamic and reliable employees, and our knowledge and experience in logistic services at your disposal.